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Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships

How do I set up a Scholarship?
HSSFF is funded by contributions from individuals, organizations, businesses and bequests. Those wishing to establish a scholarship should contact  the Foundation ( or HSSFF, PO Box 682, Fairfield, CT 06824).  The VP of Scholarships will discuss with you the types of scholarships, amounts, criteria guidelines, etc. and provide you with a NEW SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST FORM.

What types of Scholarships can be established?

Named Scholarships:
A minimum donation of $5,000 is required to establish a Named Scholarship.  Named Scholarships may be  Memorial, PTA, Alumni, or other Community scholarships.  Additional funds can be added to Named Scholarships at any time.

A donation of less than $5000 can establish a temporary Named Scholarship with the following options:

  • Make additional contributions to bring the balance to$5000 within 5 years.
  • Award scholarships until the donation plus any income earned is awarded as scholarships.

Pass Thru Scholarships:
The HSSFF acts as an intermediary to receive donations for scholarships to be given out entirely each year.

What Criteria should be considered when establishing a Scholarship?
Examples of criteria are listed below.  The NEW SCHOLARSHIP REQUEST FORM assists in selecting criteria most reflective of the benefactor’s wishes.  Please keep in mind when developing criteria for a scholarship, the broader the range of criteria, the easier it is to find students qualified to receive the award.

  • Special interests or talents the recipient should have
  • Participation in specific areas of the high school activities (e.g., music, clubs, athletics, drama, etc.)
  • A GPA range or deciles rank
  • Male or female
  • Planning to major in a specific degree program in their post high school program
  • Overcome challenges
  • Community service
  • Need based
  • Planning to attend a specific college or university
  • Specific elements of their character; outstanding student leader, compassionate, caring, works with the underserved.
  • For example:
    A male attending an in-state university, who played soccer 2 or more years, with a minimum GPA of 3.8. (Good mix of specific yet broad criteria.)
    Compared to:
    A male attending a 4-year post high school program, who played soccer, while maintaining a high GPA. (Too Broad.)
    A male attending XYZ University, who was Captain of soccer team for 2 years, with a GPA of 3.8.  (Too Specific.) 

How do I make a Donation?
To make a General Donation, please click here.

How are Scholarships awarded to students? 
In accordance with HSSFF by-laws, the VP of Scholarships establishes a selection committee for each high school. The selection committee includes the Director of Pupil Services and Guidance from each school as well as members of the HSSFF Board of Directors.

The Scholarship Committee selects students who best fit the criteria established by donors.  Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors of Fairfield Public High Schools who have competed a HSSFF Scholarship Application and fulfill specified scholarship criteria, without regard to race or religion.  Students MUST complete a HSSFF Scholarship Application to be considered for any scholarships.

How do students learn about the HSSFF Application? 
The information is posted on the HSSFF web site ( as well as on the HSSFF Facebook page.  It is announced in senior class homerooms, posted on the high school web sites and published in the high school daily bulletins. Information is also available in the guidance offices at each high school.  The application becomes available online usually in early April.  Students are given several weeks to complete the application and obtain any additional required documentation as specified in the application.